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'The Book' is a collection of notebook pages which were drawn up in Excel simply as a grid to fill in, not as a Database.  Consequently it isn't very functional but it will print to Pdf format which is what appears here!  I did try to write a proper Database in MS Access but had loads of problems uploading and including an individual photo for each pub record.

HELP!!!   If any reader thinks they have the skills to help me sort out a proper database WITH Pics, PLEASE PLEASE Get in Touch!!

Don't forget to look at our Pubs To Visit Before You Die (PTVBYD) Page for our very own 'Premier League' of Pubs.

Bob (aka Saxon_Scooper) writes the reviews based on the collective comments of the SADCATS present during the visit and for some time also published these via the 'Beerintheevening.com' website.  As that site grew, loading new pubs became frustrating and no one could be bothered to answer my e-mails or acknowledge the problems.  In the circumstances I don't see why I should waste my time writing reviews for them, so that practice has been discontinued.