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Pubs To Visit Before You Die !  

So, we've done the pub visits, written the Journals and Pub Reviews that we generate while On Tour, and designed a simple website to publish our findings.  Great!  Well, yeah, it is really because I've enjoyed every minute and I offer my thanks to all my friends who have participated in this journey.

As a result we are often asked which was our most favourite pub or even which do we consider to be the best 10 we have visited. With so many to choose from that's a tough question.  Or is it?  You would think that it would be as simple as looking up the pub with the highest score in our Pub Directory, wouldn't you?  If only life were that simple!

Although we try to be objective we wouldn't be human if some of the reviews didn't become subjective.  At the end of the day, if we are made welcome and enjoyed our visit the score reflects our happy memories. On the other hand something as simple as a look, or tone of voice can have the opposite effect.  All down to the Landlord then, or the people he chooses to employ!  Quite simply, if the beer is good and we seem welcome and stay to enjoy the session in all likelihood the score will be 7 or 8.  If it's really good it gets a 9.  I don't think we should hand out 10s unless the place is approaching utopia, but inevitably this has happened to show that one is deemed better than another.

In case your ears are now bleeding or you have slashed your wrists in desperation, I will quickly conclude.

Whilst we continue with the usual reviews, I thought I should come up with a list of Pubs we have visited that are really special or even unique in some way that make them stand out head and shoulders above the day to day otherwise all right decent boozer!  If you like, a 'Premier League' of Pubs!  In my own mind I only nominate pubs in this section if, hand on heart, I could say it's worth driving 200 miles to visit!

This then, in no particular order, is a list of Pubs to Visit Before You Die! (PTVBYD)


I like this take on the famous advertising hoarding used by Strong & Co Brewery of Romsey.  My affinity with this brewery goes back to my childhood when Mum & Dad used to visit Strong's houses in the New Forest and Mum shared her Strong's Golden Ale with me!  I would write a page of History with memorabilia, but a friend has beaten me to it.  Ashley Shaw contacted me after visiting our site and I am pleased to add a link to his brewery history pages.  Thanks Ashley!

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Tan Hill Inn Seven Stars The Cuckoo


Horseshoe Square & Compass Royal Oak


Blisland Inn  Tigh an Truish